The detailed database collected and stored as part of the Floodplain Management 2010 survey supported the writing and analysis that is found in the final report, but the data in this comprehensive database can provide much more. The database, when integrated with web mapping technology, gives web users the ability to compare how each State responded to a single survey question. For example, the survey asked "How many CFMs are in your state's floodplain management staff?" When using the map to see how individual states responded to this question, you will quickly see that 3 states (Indiana, Montana and Ohio) have between 6 and 10 CFMs on staff (see Principle 9, Question 137 below).

The web maps are organized under the 10 Principles of Effective Floodplain Management the same as the original survey and the final report for this project. To view a map for an individual question:

  1. Select the "Open Folder" icon (small triangle) next to any Principle folder (see below)
  2. Select the "Open Folder" icon next Subsection folder
  3. Select anywhere on the individual Question (e.g. Question 1)
  4. A new webpage will appear showing the original question, a map legend and a map along with additional tools to navigate to different survey questions

Note: Not all questions from the original survey have been included for use in the web mapping tool.

Web application development: EarthIT